About Us


We believe in successfully creating a connection with our customers and employees, of which many of them will remain Loyal for life – and with that we will have chance to build a solid foundation of a Business House. But achieving that connection is no easy Task. The businesses that succeed are ones that stay true to their core values over the years and create a company that Customers and Employees are proud to associate with.
"Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.", Simon Sinek.


To offer fabrics which caters the retail market needs for 12 months, while leading the way for Quality Conscious Retailers to provide best quality fabric to the end users”.


In 1960’s, when Bannu Woolen Mills emerged as a major shareholder of Textile Industry, Keen Agencies was created as a Trading Company with the objective of marketing the Bannu Woolen Mills products throughout the Country.

MPK Traders, finding its roots from a Loyal and Enthusiastic customer base established by Keen Agencies, was founded in 2005 with the ambitious spirit and lofty objective of delivering best to the existing costumers.

 We consistently focus on the Quality. That’s why we’ve never been afraid to reinvent ourselves. We’re a company that embraces change — our success lies in the Best Quality Products of Leading Manufacturers.

What has stayed the same for more than 50 years is the loyalty of our outstanding customers that includes Leading Retailers and export oriented Textile Goods Manufacturers and the values and dedication of our Employees on which MPK Traders was built: trust, integrity, quality, respect and customer commitment.

We’re proud to be a Trading Company with the cliental base of Retailers across Pakistan and beyond. No business challenge is too big, and no customer request too small.